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If youre looking for super luxury green wheels, you could get just what youre looking for by 2019-2021. Luxury brand Aston Martin is planning to introduce its electric range in India starting with the Rapide and later the jaw-dropping Lagonda saloon.

Nancy Chen, head of sales operations, south and south east Asia, Aston Martin, said: Earlier this year, we launched the Lagonda concept at the Geneva Motor Show. That will be a zero emission luxury vehicle to be launched globally in 2021 and it should be very good for the India market as well. We definitely have plans for it to come to India, she added.

But before that, India will get to drive the limited edition Rapide electric version of which only 155 will be available for sale worldwide.

The Rapide 4-door sedan will come later next year, said Chen. But it will be a limited edition, so the allocation will be limited. India will be included in that allocation if we get bookings, she added.

Aston Martin has just launched the Vantage in India at a jaw-dropping price of Rs 2.86 crore.

The interest in Vantage has been excellent and we are expecting very good bookings, said Chen.

Globally, Vantage will be one of our top models and we see India as a very important market. We are extremely focused on India but there are no plans for assembling here, she added.

Aston Martin produces not more than 7,000 cars in a year. Each car is hand-made and customised to order.

Published in Times of India 26-10-2018

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