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Motor Insurance is a fascinating branch of Insurance had its beginnings in the U.K. in the early part of this century. The first motor car was introduced into England in 1894. The first motor policy was introduced in 1895 to cover third party liabilities. By 1899 accidental damage to the car was added to the policy. By 1901 burglary theft and fire risks were added to the policy, thus introducing the comprehensive policy along the lines of the policy issued today.

Presently the Life and General Insurance business in India is governed by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority under Finance Department of Central Government of India.


When a claim arises under the Motor Insurance Policy it is the duty of the Insurers to settle the claim in a fair and reasonable manner. For this they need a technical report from a specialist professionals having technical expertise in automobile field.

As per section 64UM of the Insurance Act 1938, any claim in respect of a loss requiring to be paid or settled in India on a policy of Insurance shall not be admitted for payment or settled by the Insurer unless he has obtained a report from an approved licensed surveyor or loss assessor.

In Motor Insurance independent automobile surveyors are assigned the task of assessing the cause and extent of loss. They are supplied with a copy of the policy, the claim form and the repairers estimate. They inspect the damaged vehicle, discuss the cost of repair or replacement with the repairer and submit their survey report.

Motor Insurance Surveyor plays a crucial role in bringing about fair and prompt settlement of motor claims. He has to be objective and independent in his assessment of damage to the vehicle. He has to assess the damage keeping in view of the terms and conditions of Insurance policy. He must appreciate that unless he submits his report to the Insurance Company expeditiously, the Insurance Company cannot settle the claim.


Since introduction of Insurance Regulatory and Development Act the whole scenario of the Motor Insurance business is poised for a quantum jump. New private Insurers entered into the business challenging the role of the Motor Insurance Surveyors. The Motor Insurance has been de- tariffed and new types of motor policies are being introduced in the market to fulfill customer’s satisfaction. In addition the competition in automobile industry by introducing new generation vehicles in the Indian Market also enhanced the necessity of the Motor Insurance Surveyor to keep his knowledge updated each and every day.

Hence this is our honest effort to get all information under one roof with a slogan “Sharing Knowledge and Experience”. Our aim is to provide a Motor Insurance Surveyor all the essentials of the Insurance Survey with the attitudes and insights necessary to carry out surveys keeping in mind the present Indian scenario.

It is possible that in a maiden effort there may be some errors and omissions may have crept in. The readers are requested to draw attention of such errors that may be rectified and updated honestly. You may send your opinion and updates to the following email address.